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Sphynx Cat Hygiene

Sphynx Cat Personality 101

Your Companion's Personality

Some house cats have a reputation for being aloof and giving their owners affection on their own terms. The sphynx breed does not adhere to these stereotypes. Sphynx companions are flesh covered heat magnets, and they will actively seek out the most convenient warm spot available, aka their owners lap, head, belly, or any other warm snuggly spot they can find. Sphynx companions are affectionate animals who want nothing more than to snuggle with their family before drifting off for a cozy nap. Sphynx companions are perfect for families that crave a dog-like personality whereas their pet greets them when the come home and loves to be physically affectionate, in an attractive and sleek feline package.

playful sphynx cat
Reviews of our Sphynx Families

What Our Families Have To Say

We love our Sphynx families! They love their sphynx companions, here is what some sphynx families from across the United States had to say:

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Still deciding? We will be here whenever you’re ready. As a premiere breeder in Northeast Ohio, we will continue to raise healthy and loveable companions. We can’t wait to welcome you into our Pantheon Sphynx Family.
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