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Pantheon Sphynx

Breeding Sphynx and Cornish Rex cats in Southington, Ohio since 2015.

Pantheon Sphynx

About Us

In 2014, we purchased our very first sphinx cat, a robust and affectionate male,  Alpaharus.  He followed us across the country as we established ourselves in a small rural community in northeast Ohio, and was a beloved member of our family.  Tragically, Alpharius passed away in the summer of 2015 and we established the Pantheon Sphynx cattery in his honor.  We have made it our mission to produce healthy and loving pets, so we can give others the opportunity to welcome these unique companions into their lives.  Our focus is on providing a family oriented experience, and just as our young daughters are directly involved with the care our animals, we hope that by welcoming a sphynx kitten into your life you will join our ever-growing Pantheon Sphynx family.  In an effort expand our range of unique companions, we recently welcomed the Cornish Rex breed to our Pantheon Sphynx family!  We believe that these stately and loveable animals have a playful sphynx-like personality and equally unique look, a furfect addition to the Pantheon Sphynx breeding family.


What Our Families Have To Say

We love our Sphynx families! They love their sphynx companions, here is what some sphynx families from across the United States had to say:
Everything you need to know

All Things Cats

Due to their unique appearance, sphynx cats require a bit of extra maintenance to keep them looking their best.
Some house cats have a reputation for being aloof and giving their owners affection on their own terms. The sphynx breed does not adhere to these stereotypes.
What to feed, when to feed, how to feed. All of your food related questions answered here.
Find information on FIP, HCM, parasites and viruses here.

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Still deciding? We will be here whenever you’re ready. As a premiere breeder in Northeast Ohio, we will continue to raise healthy and loveable companions. We can’t wait to welcome you into our Pantheon Sphynx Family.
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