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Sphynx Cat Hygiene

Sphynx Cat Hygiene 101

Your Cat's Hygiene

Due to their unique appearance, sphynx cats require a bit of extra maintenance to keep them looking their best. Since our companions are hairless, they will need regular bathing to help clear away the natural accumulation of skin oils and sweat that occurs in all household cats. We recommend that all companions receive a bath at least once every one to three weeks to ensure that they are happy and healthy. How frequently each companion needs a bath will be totally dependent on how much hair they have (not all sphynx cats are totally hairless) and how much oil their skin produces. Bath time is a simple and fun way to bond with your new companion. We recommend wetting your companion’s skin with warm water before applying Dawn brand dish soap to one of our complementary scrubbing mitts. Gently massaging your companion all over will remove any dirt and oil build up from their skin, and after their scrub they can simply be rinsed with warm water. Immediately following their bath is a convenient time to attend to your companion’s ears and nails. Cat nails require regular trimming, as it reduces the likelihood that they will accidently scratch you or your furniture. Nail trimming requires some confidence, so it is important to know that this process will not hurt your pet! Finally, all sphynx cats require regular ear cleaning. Their lack of hair causes excessive wax build up, that will need to be routinely removed by applying ear cleaning liquid and swabbing out the black wax with a Q-tip type swab.

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