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We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about Sphynx & Cornish Rex cats. You will find these questions below:

In our experience there is relatively little difference between male and female companions.  Both tend to be very friendly, snuggly, and playful; the only difference being that males tend to be larger overall. While females are often thicker about the mid-section, males can have a stocky, muscular appearance, with pronounced chest and shoulder muscles.  It really is just a personal preference!

The short answer is no. People are typically allergic to cat hair, saliva, or both, and while the sphynx companions have relatively little hair, they produce a typical amount of saliva.  This means that some people who are allergic to common house cats may tolerate sphynx companions better, but if they are allergic to feline saliva, the lack of hair will make no difference. 

As they have no hair, sphynx are theoretically more susceptible to sun related skin conditions.  In our experience while sphynx cats love to sun bathe, they are more than capable of moving themselves out of the sun before their skin is harmed in any way.

In our experience both breeds are compatible with other pets.  The primary factors associated with successful acclimation of a new companion are the temperament of the existing pets, and the care that a new family takes when introducing the new member of the family.

We don’t.  Sphynx companions don’t have any hair, and thus are unable to sustain a flea infestation.  That does not mean that you will never see a flea on your sphynx companion, as we have seen fleas on our family members over the years.  In our experience, the best preventative measures are to bathe your companion regularly and to keep them indoors.

All the toys are the best toys. There is no easy answer to this question, as what your companion prefers is entirely unique to them.  In our experience toy mice, captive track balls, and laser pointers are always a hit.

Again this is entirely an aesthetic question, especially given that the two breeds have very similar personalities.  In general sphynx companions will be physically bigger animals, while the Cornish Rex are notably slim.

In our opinion sphynx companions have a pleasant earthy smell that is not unlike fresh mushrooms.  There are also certain people that claim that Cornish Rex’s smell like cheese, although we cannot agree with such a statement in confidence.  Either way, both breeds tend to smell like house pets, and with regular bathing any undesirable smell will be kept to a minimum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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